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OSET 12.5 Racing


Bike Details   The OSET 12.5 Racing reaches new heights of performance for 2-5 year old riders! The 'Racing'…

OSET 12.5 Eco


Bike Details   The 'Eco' version is sister to the 12.5 Racing model. It is simple, sturdy, adjustable and easy to…

OSET 16.0 Racing


Bike Details   The OSET 16.0 Racing was a revelation on it's introduction, and is often the bike riders and parents…

OSET 20.0 Racing


Bike Details   The 20.0 Racing is a competition ready machine for 8-12 year olds. It features the exclusive OSET wide rear…

OSET 20.0 Eco


Bike Details   The OSET 20.0 Eco was the first 'new generation' OSET, and has evolved into a multi-purpose machine.…

OSET 20.0 Lite


Bike Details   The OSET 20.0 Lite is an 'in-between' machine for riders a little too big for the 16.0, but not…

OSET 16.0 Eco


Bike Details   The OSET 16.0 Eco is the sister bike to the well established 16.0 Racing. The Eco utilizes a component set…

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