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KORC Entry post

I'm pleased to announce that, after a considerable battle with paperwork, we are holding an evening trial on Wednesday 8th July at Kirton Off Road Centre starting at 18:30.

In an attempt to make up for missed trials, it will be the combined Hubbard Cup (awarded to best Novice on the middle route) and Clark Cup Trial. The ACU are no longer limiting rider numbers so the event will be championship points counting for adults only. Unfortunately the ACU are stipulating that only those aged 16 and over can ride competitions so there will be no youth classes or conducted route. Apologies for the lengthy post, but given the current situation entry and the event will be a little different....

To enter you will need to print, fill in, scan and email an entry form back to me ( I will then reply with some bank details which you need to use to pay the entry fee (£18). Once this is confirmed you will be issued with a rider number. It is your responsibility to CLEARLY (not a bic pen!) display this on the front of your bike (we can't issue numbers at the event). Upon arrival at the trial you will simply make yourself and machine known to the secretary who will tick you off the list and you'll be good to go.

We are planning 4 laps of 10 sections. Riders will need to group themselves into threes and following a briefing at the start, each group will be issued a section number to start at, to reduce crowding at each section. Only three riders are allowed to be walking/riding the sections at once. If another group arrives at the section they must wait at a suitable distance until the other group are clear (like golf). Riders must remain 2m apart at all times.


We are however looking for an observer for each section and will give a free ride to each rider that brings an observer (make this known when sending your entry form and you won't be asked to pay, assuming your observer turns up!). Observers will be contacted and offered the option of printing an emailed observers sheet at home, alternatively they can pick a sheet out of a box of sheets that have not been touched for several weeks. After the event Niki will photograph the sheet to allow the results to be processed.

Riders must not travel with people from any other household. We plan to use the campsite for parking (the quarry is dry) so there will be plenty of room to allow vehicles to be parked so another vehicle could fit between them (Kev/Adam will be policing this).

Hopefully everybody who wants to come and ride will be able to, but we are conscious that many may have missed riding trials so are concerned we may be 'swamped' with entries. If this is the case then priority will be given to those who rode our trial at the Rock Store in January. We want to avoid crowding at sections and being an evening event will be limited by time.

Hopefully that has covered most points, as mentioned there will be a briefing at the start (18:20) to cover these and other points.

It'll be different, but hopefully it will still be an enjoyable event.

Hope to see you there

Entry form for 2020 Covid 19 Excel
Download PDF • 211KB

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