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The Inter-Club Challenge & Star 100 Trophies

The two trophies date back to the re-establishment of the club in 1929 and have an interesting history.

The “Inter-Club Challenge” shield was contested by teams from three motorcycle clubs, Scunthorpe, Market Rasen, and Barnetby – each club subscribing seven pounds, 10 shillings towards the cost of the trophy. The shield was contested by teams of three riders in an event that could be described as a sort of ‘enduro’ was significant mileages ‘in the rough’. The format may have been unique in that a central starting point was chosen for the event and each of the three clubs prepared a twenty-mile circuit- returning to the start after each leg.  Contemporary reports suggest that there were ‘survivors’ rather than winners of these events. Sadly, the inter-club competitions lasted only for three years and the shield was lost until rediscovered some twenty years ago by the late ‘Monty’ Mortimer in a Market Rasen ‘coal hole’.

The Caldicott family – who ran the local paper – the Scunthorpe Star donated the “Star 100” shield. As the name implies, this was awarded for the best performance in a 100 mile road trial, once more, was originally contested for by teams of three.

As with many motorcycle clubs, the Scunthorpe Club has become a specialised organisation promoting a wide range of sporting trials and so trophies for road events became an embarrassment – not to mention the reluctance of many riders to have a dustbin lid sized trophy in the living room!

“James Hewing and Alan Hunt, President and Chairman of the Scunthorpe Motor Cycle Club admire the “Inter-Club Challenge” and the “Star 100” trophies now on display in the club library”

Source - Vintage Club Magazine

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